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The international conference ‘Shaping Ethics in Academia and Society: Practices in the Baltic Sea Region’ aims to build up a roundtable for sharing best practices and experience with addressing ethical issues within academia and related society and, in the same vein, to contribute to relevant managerial solutions.

Particular concern on ethical issues in academia and the wider society is getting acceleration on a wide scale. To make out the values maze, organizations are in quest of comprehensive definitions and effective ethics management. Broad discussion, understanding cultural differences (notably in the Baltic Sea Region) and experience exchange in ethics management from different perspectives are needed and worth to support.

The conference aims at encompassing formation of ethical behaviour and anchoring ethical principles in academia as a waypoint in a continuum between family; high school; higher education; research, business and labour market as well as society in general.

All interested in ethics management are invited to share their research, practices and insights.


Presentations and research papers are invited on topics relevant to the theme, including (but not limited to):

  • Anchoring academic integrity
  • Embedding research integrity
  • Ethics in cross-sector collaboration
  • Role of ethical leadership in academic setting
  • Social responsibility within academia
  • Sustainable high education and higher education
  • Legal and ethical norms incongruences in academia
  • Linkage between academic and professional integrity

We provide an opportunity to submit conference full papers and to be selected to a Special Issue of Journal of East European Management Studies (JEEMS; ISSN 0949-6181, eISSN 1862-0019). The Special Issue will be published in 2018.

jeemsThe main aim of the JEEMS is to promote dialogue and cooperation among scholars from all countries who seek to examine, explore and explain the behaviour and practices of management within the transforming societies of Central and Eastern Europe. As such, the theoretical interests of the journal focus on a) organizational and management change; b) Central and East European societies (including those on the fringes of Europe) undergoing processes of transition or transformation; and c) scientific issues of business, management and organisation that arise in such contexts. In this regard, JEEMS particularly welcomes papers that draw on a behavioral perspective.

JEEMS is being indexed by Social Sciences Citation of the Index®, International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS), JSTOR® and RePEC (Research Papers in Economics).