To visit Vilnius you can do it through learning, exploring and socializing.

Photo © AgneVaitkeviciute


Credit / debit cards are in broad circulation, but small shops and cafes might not operate them, so it is advised to carry some cash. ATMs are broadly available but usually subject to commission.

Currency in Lithuania is Euro (EUR). Be advised that exchange rates in tourist places and airports are usually disadvantageous.

Prices: Depending on type of goods, price levels are comparable to those in other major European cities or are slightly lower.

Shopping: Shops are usually open 10-18 Monday-Saturday. Shopping malls and supermarkets are usually open 10-22, Monday-Sunday.

Tips: It is customary to tip waiters in restaurants/cafes (if service is satisfactory). Other than that, tips are welcome but not expected.

Photo © AusraSaltenyte